Nutrition + Cosmetics = Nutricosmetics

Nutricosmetics are superfoods, intended to improve the overall health and appearance of your skin by nourishing your body to boost the “the beauty from within”.

The association between nutrition, beauty and skin health is even longer than the written history, and there is nothing new in this. You can certainly remember this advice from your grandmother – eat XY for a glowing skin or avoid XZ, it damages your complexion. However, we can now separate and process specific active ingredients and produce high-tech claims.

An array of nutrients contribute to overall wellness and play a key role in promoting the healthy appearance of the skin.

* Vitamins A, B, C and E.
* Minerals such as chromium, copper, selenium and zinc.
* Omega-3 fatty acids.
* Antioxidants.
* Coenzyme Q10.
* Collagen.
* Plant-based ceramides

Nutricosmetics are natural health product specially formulated for skin and beauty benefits. Whereas a supplement or vitamin might deal with a specific deficiency in the body, nutricosmetics cater to the skin specifically.

With increasing environmental pollution, sun damage and other skin hazards, topical products are no longer sufficient to maintain the skin, and we need nutricosmetics now more than ever. As we all know, healthy skin is always in!

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