Magic Grains Trial Pack

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Magic Grains is a nutricosmetics product that keeps your gut healthy and your skin happy. For blemish-free, healthy skin take our 30-day challenge.


What is Magic Grains?

It’s a nutri cosmetic product. It’s a product that you consume daily to promote a healthy internal system which in turn gives you a clean, clear and blemish-free skin.

Why do I need Magic Grains?

Our fast paced life is constantly looking for short cuts to every process but that takes a toll on our health too because there are no short cuts to good health. Magic Grains is not your shortcut but it’s a catalyst that helps you achieve your health goals with minimal effort.

What does it do?

It detoxes your internal system, promotes digestion, aids in weight loss and acne free skin.

Can I see the effects right away?

With daily intake of magic grains + 30 mins of brisk walk + home cooked food you can see results in 30 days. The time taken to see visible results varies for everyone.

Can men take it?

Yes, it’s catered for everyone.

Still not convinced?

You want blemish-free skin with a healthy internal system, then Magic Grains is your best shot!

How to use?

  • Consume Magic Grains 30 minutes(at least) after your last meal for the day.
  • Swallow magic grains with water. Do not chew it or mix it in water.
  • You may start with 1/2 tbsp for first 10 days, take 3/4 tbsp for next 10 days and then take 1 tbsp regularly afterwards.
  • Do not eat anything afterwards (it should be the last edible item you consume for the day)

Ingredients used

  • Black Cumin Seed*
  • Carom Seed*
  • Fenugreek Seed*
  • Fennel Seed*
  • Black Salt
  • Moringa leaf powder*
  • Dandellion plant powder*

*all organic ingredients

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