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Magic Grains

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Magic Grains is a nutricosmetics product that keeps your gut healthy and your skin happy. For blemish-free, healthy skin take our 30-day challenge.

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What is Magic Grains?

It’s a nutri cosmetic product. It’s a product that you consume daily to promote a healthy internal system which in turn gives you a clean, clear and blemish-free skin.

Why do I need Magic Grains?

Our fast paced life is constantly looking for short cuts to every process but that takes a toll on our health too because there are no short cuts to good health. Magic Grains is not your shortcut but it’s a catalyst that helps you achieve your health goals with minimal effort.

What does it do?

It detoxes your internal system, promotes digestion, aids in weight loss and acne free skin.

Can I see the effects right away?

With daily intake of magic grains + 30 mins of brisk walk + home cooked food you can see results in 30 days. The time taken to see visible results varies for everyone.

Can men take it?

Yes, it’s catered for everyone.

Still not convinced?

You want blemish-free skin with a healthy internal system, then Magic Grains is your best shot!

How to use?

  • Consume Magic Grains 30 minutes(at least) after your last meal for the day.
  • Swallow magic grains with water. Do not chew it or mix it in water.
  • You may start with 1/2 tbsp for first 10 days, take 3/4 tbsp for next 10 days and then take 1 tbsp regularly afterwards.
  • Do not eat anything afterwards (it should be the last edible item you consume for the day)

Ingredients used

  • Black Cumin Seed*
  • Carom Seed*
  • Fenugreek Seed*
  • Fennel Seed*
  • Black Salt
  • Moringa leaf powder*
  • Dandellion plant powder*

*all organic ingredients

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100g, 250g, 300g, 500g, 1kg

14 reviews for Magic Grains

  1. @_rashmi_gs_secret_diary_

    Magic grains are amazing I felt energised during the day and felt really good in the morning I was very alert and energised the whole day also i got my period on time being a pcod sufferer it’s a big thing for me ????also it has lessened my period cramps to an extent…I really loved the effect .. and it’s been only 4 days of consumption it is a magic indeed as Parul didi says????

    Also my skin is going on with purging phase which is not really drastic and I’m okay with it as the body is going through detox most would go in purging phase as per kairanaturals which I’m thankful of as I have experienced worst cystic acne…I will update this review after one month of consumption ❤
    Kudos to team kairanaturals ????

    • Kaira Naturals

      Magic grains sure did it’s magic on you 🙂

  2. priyankagovekar (verified owner)

    I’m consuming there grains over 30 days now. My gut health has really improved a lot hence no digestive issues & yea it takes few weeks to see the difference which may differ from person to person. I am yet to see any results on my pimples or maybe it is working slowly which I may not be able to notice as of now. I make sure to have my grains after 30 mins of dinner every day.
    Best is that it has all organic ingredients. No hidden ingredients.
    I am on my second bottle already.

    • Kaira Naturals

      Glad to see its helping you! You will experience the best of Magic Grains soon 🙂

  3. Ravali10

    Thank you for such amazing -super food… my skin has been bit calmer… less acne ..soo happy it started healing from inside..

  4. Poorni Chandrasekaran (verified owner)

    I have been consuming magic grains for more than a month and I could see considerable changes.Yes post delivery I gained much weight and after taking magic grains I started feeling lite and my skin which was dull has slowly started glowing ???? Also could see my cheeks have reduced a bit now.
    Usually I will feel heavy at night if I eat oily food .So,I even tested it by taking oily food and consumed magic grains before bed .To my surprise I didn’t feel heavy that night.Thanks to Parul Mam for always clarifying my queries and also she guided me for maintaining healthy skin????

  5. Rekha (verified owner)

    I have consumed magic grains for around 40 days and I could feel more energy in me I had pain free periods and my acne were bit under control I will continue consuming it more time to see more difference in my skin..

  6. Nitisha Sangodkar

    I have been consuming magic grains for about a year now and I can feel the difference! I hardly get period pain now, also it’s regular and my skin is so much better than before. I have not got any indigestion or any other stomach upset issue since the time I have been consuming this. This has become a staple in my lifestyle now.

  7. nuna (verified owner)

    Lately my period is on time after taking magic grains . Lets see what it does for skin. It might take time but I will not stop taking this grains .

  8. Swati Karey (verified owner)

    I am consuming magic grains from past one month and I can see no acne on my face. For first few days it was difficult for me but later I developed a habit and now I cannot skip having it. Suffering from PCOD has driven me to have magic grains daily which has surely done it’s magic on my gut heath.

  9. riya

    I have been consuming this grains from last year and it is doing wonders!!! really loving it very much????❤

  10. Keer18 (verified owner)

    I have been consuming magic grains on and off since 2 years. More regular for the past 1 year. It helped with my indigestion, pms and skin issues. I’m continuing this during my pregnancy too now and feel it also helps to prevent gestational diabetes although my diet is well balanced. I plan to continue taking magic grains forever.

  11. Divya

    Best product ever… Just go tor it.. Helped to reduce my bloating, and also helped to improve my digest system.. Thank you parul di

  12. Ria rajendran (verified owner)

    I was suffering from PCOD and thyroid since many years so much that I wouldn’t get my periods for 6-7 months at a stretch. After having magic grains for almost 8 months now my period cycle has started to get almost regular…without any medicines. Also I managed to loose 12 kgs weight after delivery by just eating magic grains and home cooked food without any exercises.

  13. Bhoomi (verified owner)

    Though I didn’t have any problem related to my gut and digestion, I started consuming Magic Grain because of the powerful ingredients its made up of and that too all of them are organic. So Since I am consuming this grains from a few months, my experience has been really nice. It has also helped my husband with his indigestion issues. I would recommend everybody to consume this even if they have no health issue because healthy gut does no harm and will be beneficial to keep many ailments at bay. I would also mention that the lady behind Kaira Nautrals is such a lovely and kind lady and will help you in all possible ways to consume magic grains. More power to you girl. Thanks a lot.

    • Kaira Naturals

      Thankyou for such a lovely feedback. We are glad that Magic Grains are giving both of you such wonderful results.

  14. Sayali Pawar

    Im consuming magic grain from past few months I can see difference in my skin

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